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Aug 11, 2013 10:00pm PDT
a sunday. take a look. president obama played a round of golf at martha's vineyard. they arrived on the island for vacation and plan to stay there for a week. >>> the new veteran wheels he got today and the first place he wants to ride. >> it's a nuisance to others. >> we'll pinpoint the outlook of the forecast here soon. ,,,,,, tens of thousands of visitoo san francisco each year.. and while it' >>> outside lands is wrapping up tonight. the festival attracts 10 of thousands of people. >> the appeal is 65,000 people a day at golden gate park for the concerts. >> it's an amazing time in the park with all thimusic. it's so good. >> the price? $250. paul mccartney was a sell out crowd. he had people in tears. >> friday night it took me almost an hour-and-a-half. >> some people complain about the foot traffic. >> we understand there is an impact to this event and we are doing everything we can to mitigate that impact. >> i'm sure this is a matter of opinion of whether you like it or not. sure, it's paul mccartney and red hot chilly peppers. >> it's all kinds of music and all kinds of
Aug 15, 2013 10:00pm PDT
released this photo showing the president who is on vacation in martha's vineyard calling his national security staff to talk about egypt. later, he had this to say. >> as a result, this morning we notified the egyptian government that we are canceling our biannual joint military exercise, which was scheduled for next month. going forward, i asked my national security team to assess the implications of the actions taken by the interim government. and further steps that we may take as necessary with respect to the u.s. egyptian relationship. >> the president did not answer reporter's questions about whether he would cut off the more than $1 billion in aid that the u.s. gives the egyptian military every year. >>> bay area egyptians gathered in santa clara tonight. tonight's vigil honored the people killed in cairo. over 100 people in attendance wore white as a symbol of peace and harmony. organizers are urging egyptians to put aside their differences and stop the violence. >>> it wasn't breakfast at tiffanies they were after. it was the jewels. how the robbers in walnut creek got away
Aug 24, 2013 10:00pm PDT
with marchers peacefully demonstrating. hundreds of people are here replicating the martha happened in washington, d.c. 50 years ago. one of the people here was at the march on that day. >> there were more people there than i have ever seen in one place in my life. >> progress has been made, but there's much more to be done. >> seeing everybody there was just to be united for a cause and trying to really facilitate the fact we needed our jobs and justice for people. which is something we still need today. >> this is wonderful. all the people that are here, we all weren't able to make it to washington, d.c., but again, it is the importance of being visible in our community. >> reporting from san jose, patrick, kpix5. >> new at 10:00, for decades, the san francisco wholesale produce market has brought fresh fruits and vegetables to bay area dinner tables. now it is due for a change. mark kelly reports, this project is uniting the markets 25 vendors around one common goal. >> when many of us are just heading into work, this produce market is already in high gear. michael jan ice
Aug 18, 2013 8:30am PDT
friday on martha's vineyard. opening up to parade magazine about raising 15-year-old malia and 12-year-old sasha. what i tell my kids is i'm preparing you for college and life. figuring out thousand make the ambulance. asked about these comments. >> as a busy single mother, i shouldn't say single. as a busy mother. >> reporter: the first lady told parade, i give my husband credit. he knows who their friends are, he knows what their schedule is. but he's not making the calls to the dance studio to figure out what classes they're taking next year. she's made a point of promoting healthy eating. and exercise. often serving as first example. taking on jimmy fallon in a fitness battle and teaching workout moves to kids. the coveted cover model is not above a little vanity as she approaches 50. i have never felt more confident in myself. more clear on who i am as a woman. i want to be this really fly 80, 90-year-old. i asked her former campaign chief of staff how she'll be remembered. >> fun, passionate, a good mom, a great spouse. somebody that so many women across this country can relate t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4